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Explore the comprehensive range of medical devices that Blueneem offers for interventional procedures in Urology.


Interventional Systems

Explore the varied range of Blueneem products for Interventional Radiology procedures including drainage sets and catheters, needles, guide wires, dilators and biopsy guns.



Explore the innovative range of Blueneem medical devices for pediatric procedures such as Hypospadias repair, Pyeloplasty, Drainage procedures and many more.


Designed, Developed and Manufactured with Patients in Mind.

Blueneem is at the forefront of leading the emerging MedTech innovation. It’s powered by an unbeatable combination of its strengths in risk management, clinical validation processes, & nimbleness to maintain zero distance with clinicians, and cutting-edge R&D.

How we do it?
Patient Safety

Safe and effective products with robust risk management


Easy-to-use products to cater to a specific need with precisely defined “intended use”

Blueneem Labs

Innovation hub with end-to-end design & development


End-to-End Manufacturing with state-of-the-art infrastructure

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Delivering Optimum Patient Care And Outcomes – Together With Clinicians

Interventional Systems

Dr. Mathew Cherian

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Pediatric product range

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Interventional Systems


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Urology product range

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Procedures across specialties


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Come join our mission to build innovative medical devices with the core philosophy of patient well-being.

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Partner with us to play a part in the future of medical device design and development, while setting new standards in patient care and well-being.

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Your work at Blueneem will improve countless lives across the globe. Come, be a part of our mission to ensure patient well-being remains at the core of medical device manufacturing.

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