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A Leader in Design, Development & End-to-end Manufacturing of Minimally Invasive Medical Devices

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The Values We Live, Every Day

Patient Wellbeing

At Blueneem, Patient Wellbeing is at the heart of everything we do. This is embedded in our DNA. All our processes and systems are oriented to enhance patient safety, comfort and recovery. A recovered patient is our prime motivator.

Continual Improvement and Innovation

At Blueneem, we strive to continually improve in every aspect of our operations. This is the only way to deliver value to all our stakeholders in the long term. With innovation, we stay relevant to our customers all the time.

Integrity and Fairness

Integrity is about doing the right thing. Being sincere and transparent. We maintain integrity and objectivity in our transactions with all stakeholders. This is the only way to earn trust and respect.

Execution Excellence

Execution Excellence is about achieving predictable outcomes and getting them right the first time. With focus and competency of our people, process & technology, we strive to establish efficient and reliable outcomes for all our stakeholders.

Relentless pursuit of

clinical efficiency &patient well-being

Why Blueneem?

Patient Safety

Safe and effective products
with robust risk management


Easy-to-use products to cater to a specific need with precisely defined “intended use”

Blueneem Labs

Innovation hub with end-to-end design & development


End-to-End Manufacturing with state-of-the-art infrastructure

Our World Class Infrastructure

Leaders Who Empower

Vishnu Bhat

Chairman and Managing Director

Vittal Rao

Director – Operations and R&D

Rajendra Bhat

Director – Production

Pankaj Hans


Our Story

Blueneem Medical Devices Pvt Ltd is a leading developer, manufacturer, and marketer of minimally invasive devices for interventional procedures in the field of Urology, Interventional Systems, and Pediatric surgery. Founded in 2008 on core values and principles of patient well-being, integrity, quality, and continual Improvement, we forge ahead to make a difference to all our stakeholders and the society we operate in. Our core values and principles guide us in everyday operations and strategic decision-making.

Headquartered in Bangalore, India, Blueneem employs state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and processes. Our products currently are used by medical professionals across the globe.

Blueneem Impact

Impact with purpose

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Our journey

Bring your experiences. Make your mark.

Your work at Blueneem will improve countless lives across the globe. Come, be a part of our mission to ensure patient well-being remains at the core of medical device manufacturing

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Partner with us to play a part in the future of medical device design, development, and manufacturing, while setting new standards in patient care and well-being.

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