Dextra™ CruX Central Venous Catheter

Intended Use

Central venous catheter is intended to provide central venous access for treatment of diseases or conditions requiring central venous access.

7 Fr Triple Lumen
13 cm and 16 cm
Key Features

Desired length options derived from clinicians’ inputs: 13 cm and 16 cm

Stainless Steel Guidewire with Nitinol Core: The stiffness of stainless steel with the kink resistance of Nitinol and the soft J-tip in combination provide optimal conditions of torque, ease of insertion & prevention of vessel perforation.

Ideal shaft stiffness and flexibility of the catheter body that is uniquely configured to achieve a smooth surface, complimented by a high-calibre dilator for trouble-free insertion.

Non-detachable tip of guidewire-pusher that is integrated with the guidewire-holder assembly for achieving ergonomy of operator movements.

Coloured, radiopaque catheter tip to ensure intact removal for patient safety

Insights & Innovations

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Dextra™ CruX Central Venous Catheter

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