Accurakit – Percutaneous Access Set

Intended Use

Used for single puncture percutaneous access to facilitate placement of 0.038 inch diameter Guidewire for interventional radiology procedures.

Key Features

A radiopaque band located at the tip of the sheath helps to identify precise location of the sheath’s distal tip for accurate positioning

The hydrophilic coating on sheath when activated, becomes highly lubricious enabling smooth insertion by reducing friction

Sheath lumen allows both 0.018 inch cope mandril wire and 0.038 inch wire together

Set includes a chiba needle with echogenic tip which enhances visibility under ultrasound

Set Includes

6 Fr introducer sheath, 21 G x 15 cm chiba needle with echogenic tip and 0.018 inch nitinol cope mandril wire

Insights & Innovations

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Accurakit – Percutaneous Access Set

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