1st Annual Urology Conference 2023

  • When: 22nd April-23rd April 2023
  • Where:Sri Mahant Indresh Hospital, Dehradun
  • Booth:NA, Live Operative Workshop

The key focus areas of this workshop were Urological procedures like PCNL, RIRS, and URS.

During the workshop, 8 procedural demonstrations were performed. Aligning to these procedures, Blueneem Showcased marquee products like Triflex Basket, Delta Basket, Tracer Guidewire, Prime wire, and Ureteral Access Sheath, along with a complete range of products.

Senior Clinicians (KOLs) – Dr. Madusudan Agrawal from Agra, Dr. Anurag Gupta from Arogyam Hospital, Dr. Ankur Mittal from AIIMS Hospital-Rishikesh, Dr. Anup Kumar from Safdarjung Hospital engaged with us at the conference.


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