Kidsoft®Sigma Stent

Intended Use

Intended to drain urine after pyeloplasty procedure.

2.8, 3, 3.5 & 4 Fr
10/15 cm
Key Features

The central ‘pigtail’ remains in the pelvis while the narrow distal extentsion stents the anastomosis and the ureter. The distal ureteric end can be trimmed if needed

90 degree angle avoids stent migration

The proximal extension tubing can be used for external drainage of urine from the kidney or can be blocked by using the clamp provided

Prevents post-operative bladder spasms

Can be removed on an out-patient basis

Avoids subsequent surgical intervention for stent removal with its attendant costs and potential for infections

Extension dia 6Fr

Set Includes

Guidewire, Stent, Dilator & Connector Hub

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Kidsoft®Sigma Stent

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