Amplatz Renal Dilation Set

Intended Use

Intended for stretching or enlarging the fascial tissue prior to a nephrostomy procedure and to introduce the amplatz sheath which is intended for percutaneous dilation of tissue surrounding a dilator previously placed and used as a working channel during urological procedures.

Key Features
Set Includes

8 Fr guiding catheter

10 Fr radiopaque dilation sheath

Radiopaque fascial dilators of sizes from 6 Fr – 10 Fr of length 20 cm

Radiopaque renal dilators of sizes from 12 Fr – 30 Fr of length 30 cm

Teflon amplatz sheath for renal dilators of sizes 24, 26, 28 & 30 Fr of length 17 cm

Packed in tray

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Amplatz Renal Dilation Set

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