Sure Puncture Needle (Initial Puncture Needle – Three Part)

Intended Use

Intended to make the initial percutaneous puncture to access the kidney and to enable the introduction of a guidewire during urological procedures (PCN, PCNL, Mini PERC & Micro PERC).

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Key Features

Siliconised needle for less trauma

Echogenic tip for better visualization during ultrasound

1 cm marking

Advantage of Sure Puncture Needle
  • Combination of 21 G Bevel tip and 16 G
    Cannula Needle
  • Inner 21 G provides minimal site puncture
    and contrast injection to ensure desired
    puncture location
  • Coaxial needle provides secured access
  • Can introduce working guidewire with
    21 G puncture

Three Part

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Sure Puncture Needle (Initial Puncture Needle – Three Part)

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