I.P. Needle

Used for percutaneous Nephrostomy access

  • Two Part
  • Three Part

  • Sizes (in Gauge): 14, 16 & 18
  • Length (in Cms): 15, 23 & 25
Chiba Needle

This universal needle is used for percutaneous nephrostomy procedures, cytological biopsies.

Key Features:
  • The chiba point enables soft penetration and avoids the risk of vessel laceration and reach deep points without any excessive deviation.
  • The special echogenic tip increases the visibility under ultra sound guidance and guarantees the needles point’s localization

  • Sizes (in Gauge): 18, 20, 22 & 23
  • Length (in Cms): 15, 20 & 22
Percutaneous Access Set

Used for single puncture percutaneous access to facilitate placement of 0.038" Guide wire for interventional radiology procedures.

  • A radiopaque band located on the tip of the sheath identifies precise location of the sheath’s distal tip for positioning accuracy.
  • The Hydrophilc coating, when activated, becomes very lubricious, reducing the coefficient of friction during insertion.

Set includes:
  • 6Fr catheter, 22G x 15cms Needle & Nitinol Guide wire

Trocar Needle with Plastic Sleeve

Used for percutaneous access

  • Sizes (in Fr): 6
  • Length (in Cms): 25
PTFE Guide Wire

Stainless steel core Guide wire with PTFE coating. The straight and flexible tip design is used primarily to establish a tract and assist in the placement of a surgical device.

  • J tip & Straight tip

  • Sizes (in Inches): 0.032" & 0.035"
  • Length (in Cms): 80, 150
Hydro Wire (Black Color)

Nitinol core Guide wire which allows for maximum deflection without kinking and the guide wire which has hydrophilic coating when activated attract and hold water and other liquids creating a low friction surface.

  • Sizes (in Inches): 0.032" & 0.035"
  • Length (in Cms): 150
  • Type: J tip, Straight tip & Angled tip
Twister Guide Wire

Nitinol core Guide wire with Blue & White Teflon Sleeve designed to provide excellent visualization.

  • Straight tip

  • Sizes (in Inches): 0.032" & 0.035"
  • Length (in Cms): 150
Bilbao Dotter

Used for double contrast display of small intestine.

  • Size (in Fr): 8, 10, 12, 14 & 16
  • Length (in Cms): 150 & 155
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